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Crush Part 2

In the restroom,I cried my heart out.All that I can think during that time was about the something that he going tell me when school end this afternoon.Why can't I be that someone in his heart? Why does it always has to be someone that doesn't even care about him? Someone that eventually break his heart into trillion pieces.I let out a heavy sigh.Why am I like this anyway? I should be happy for him that he finally got what he always wanted.He finally got the heart that he dreamt of holding.I wiped my tears and washed my face.I looked at the mirror.All I can see was a girl with a broken heart.I washed my face again and wiped my wet face with the tissue papers with hope that my swollen eyes wouldn't showed up too much.

I inhaled and exhaled the air.Trying to reassure myself that I need to be happy for him.After all, I'm his bestfriend aren't I? Bestfriend. I let out another heavy sigh."Stop it , Kim Lisa ! You need to know that your status are never going to change.Love sometimes need a sacrifice." I grumbled to myself.I turned my body towards the restroom door and walked out of the restroom.

I hung my head down when I got out of the restroom,trying to cover my face.But then, I felt someone was pulling me towards the courtyard.I looked up and saw his backside.I pulled out my hand from his grip and stop following him.I was about to turn around when he said "Kim Lisa.We need to talk and I'm sure you don't want us to talk about it here.".He really knows me too well.I then walked to the courtyard as he followed me at the back.

At the courtyard,I sat on the bench nearby.I was quiet.I wasn't the normal me that would start a conversation whenever he is around."You are not yourself Lisa.I know it." he started our conversation as he sat beside me.I flinched and I was about to move a bit far from him when he held my hand."Why are you avoiding me? Did I do something that hurt your feeling? Did I do something that I wasn't suppose to do?" he asked me as he turned his head towards me.I can tell from the corner of my eyes that he was hurt by my actions."No.I'm not avoiding you Mark and you didn't even do something that hurt my feeling or you wasn't suppose to do." I lied. 'You weren't supposed to say the 3 words to Hana,Mark.' I thought."I better go.Class are starting soon.I'll see you after school and I can't wait to know what you're going to tell me later." I said trying to break the awkwardness.I stood up and was about to entered the school building.

"Stop acting like you are happy when you are even not that happy and I guess I need to remind you again that you promised me that you will never cry when I'm not around but you broke it." he said in a tone that I know he was hurt.I let out a sigh.'How do you even know that I'm crying Mark? You didn't even see my swollen eyes.You only see my actions.' I thought.I was on a verge of crying again."I'm sorry that I broke our promise.I'll be waiting for the punishment." I said as I ran to him and hugged him.I faked another smile as I looked at his face."I'll see you later fly boy." I said and went to our class.Tears were trickling on my cheeks but I don't care.

-To be continued-