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Crush - The Last Part-

I put away my books into my locker.I was about to close the locker door when I saw our pictures that he taped by my locker's door.I stroke his image."Mark.Are we going to be okay? Cause I don't know how am I going to handle the news later on." I mumbled.I took a deep breath and close the locker door.I leaned against the locker door.I pull out a heavy sighed.I glance at my watch.It was already 3 pm.He must left the school already.I then slowly walked out of the school main building to the school main gate.

As I was walking,all that was replaying in my head was the childhood memories that we shared.All I can think of are the what if.I shook my head."Kim Lisa ! You aren't suppose to think that way.You already made your desicion.Remember?" I exclaimed and I then accidently hit my forehead hard. "Ouchh ! It hurt !" I exclaimed as I rub my sore forehead.I then heard someone was laughing as I got nearer to the school main gate.I lift up my head and I froze when I saw his red hair."Mark Tuan. Why are you making things hard for me?" I mumbled.I continued walking to the school main gate and the first words that came out was "Shut up Mark."

But being Mark Tuan that I know, he continued laughing."What took you so long ? Why are you talking to yourself and even shocking why did you hit yourself?" he began as we were walking home."None of your business Mark." I said as I was trying to put my earpiece into my ears.But before I even could untangled it,he snatched it away."Okay.We'll talk about it later then.Anyway,let's go to the park.I promise to tell you something didn't I?" he said.The image of this afternoon 'session' struck my head.My facial expression immediately changed."Yeah.What is it about anyway?" I asked although I already knew the answer.

"About what's going on." he replied as he grasp my hand and we crossed the road together.The park was located one block away from our school so it took us about 15 minutes to reach there.Mark was still holding my hand when we reached the park.I was a flustered by his actions but I still liked it though.It somehow felt cozy.He then brought me to the basketball court.My whole nightmare began as I saw Hana.She was standing in the centre of the court with a huge smile on her face.

"Hey Hana." he greeted Hana. "Hey Mark.So she is the one?" she replied with an addition of a question. "Yup ! The one and only Kim Lisa , the best pianist in school and my girlfriend." he said. "Duh~ everyone knows that Mark." I mumbled as I greet Hana."So, I guess the rumors that runing around our school are true huh? That both of you are not just a bestfriend?" she said as she gazed into my eyes. Wait. What? "I'm sorry but I think you got it-" I was about to explain the whole thing to Hana when Mark cuts me off with an unbelieveable answer. "Yes.You can think that way." he said as he tighten the grip within our hands.

Wait a minute.Why are Mark acting this way again? Mark would always acted this way when he doesn't want to be disturb by the girls.But I thought he had a huge crush towards Hana.I'm confused."Oh..I see but I'm pretty sure that she heard our converstion at school.I've should known." Hana replied in a tone that was very sarcastic as she left both of me and Mark.Mark turned his head towards me. "Did you?" he asked.I can't held it any longer. I just gave him a slight nod.He pulled me into a hug.

"So that was why you acting like this huh? You are jealous aren't you?" he whispered.I froze.Instantly, I broke the hug. "What are you talking about Mark?" I asked him. "Kim Lisa, stop fronting will you.I know you well enough to know your feelings." he said.I was in a confused state."M-My feelings towards who?" I stuttered.He then leaned in slowly and kissed my forehead.I can feel my cheeks were burning that time.He then slowly whispered "I love you Kim Lisa ever since secondary school." . My eyes instantly opened wide."What? What do you mean by you love me?" I blurted out.I'm totally lost right now.

He flicked my forehead."It meant that I love you more than just a best friend silly." he said as he held my face."You've been there for me through my ups and downs,my most embarrassing moments of my life.You are apart of my life ever since we were little and I don't think that I could ever afford to find someone that can replace you in my heart or even my family heart." he continued whilst brushed his thumb on my cheeks slowly.I was flabbergasted.I didn't know how to react.It was as if my parents didn't teach me how to speak.

"I love you.Like truly,madly and deeply in love with you." he said again.I looked into his eyes deeply and I knew he wasn't lying.Mark then held both my hands slowly pulling me closer.He leaned in and kiss my forehead.I got the butterflies in my stomach when he kissed my forehead.

"That was for being there for me through my ups and downs.Supporting me all the way." he said.I just froze like a statue.He then kissed both of cheeks."That was for being the best friend that I could ask for." he continued.He then kissed my lips.It was soft yet a sweet one.My knees were totally giving up on me when he kissed my lips but then I felt a hand on my waist supporting me so that I don't fall.

Mark then broke the kiss.He smiled and leaned again against my ears."I know I should've asked this before I kissed you but will you be my girlfriend?" he whispered.He move in to his original position."And this time, will you at least respond and be a human not a frozen statue?I'm going to freak out if you continue acting this way." he blurted out.I laughed really hard.

"Yes,you little red hair boy." I said after I was certainly calm.Without a second thought,he then picked me up and twirl me around.I giggled and he then gave me the warmest hug that I've ever been into.Being in his embrace is really one of my favourite spots in this whole entire universe.

"Let's go home shall we? We need to break the news to your brothers since they are being overprotective of you." he said as he held my right hand.I just nod.Walking home that day with Mark was a lot different that we ever experience.