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Crush Part 1

From the corner of my eyes,I saw him sitting beside me.Sitting in his place and that is beside me.I half smiled and continued on my reading but then he distracted me.My heart was thumping like crazy.My heartbeats aren't normal right now.

"Hey, I want to ask you something." he began."How do we know if we are in love?" he continued.I looked at him . "Well, I guess..when your heart did a flip flop." I began as I thought 'Like ,what I'm feeling right now.' and I continued "When,you couldn't stop thinking about her/his smile." 'Like,I always thought of your smile.' He gave me a nod."You feel a bit jealous when he/she talks about other guys/girls." 'Like,what I felt when you talked about Hana.'. " and I don't know.When you feel nervous when you are about to meet him/her." 'Like I felt when you called me to hangout with you' I thought. And the list go on as I told him the 'hints'.

At the end of our conversation, he then said "Okay.I understand." as he stood up and left the classroom.'Why is he asking anyway?' I thought."Oh well, I might just ask him after this." I mumbled but I never thought that those questions and my answers would change everything.

I was walking in the corridors as I clutched my book to my chest.Head hang down low.I heard his voice across the corridors made me  lift up my head.The sight in front of me was like a million knife stabbing my heart.I turned around to walk to the other side of the corridors until I heard."Yes.I would love be your girlfriend." It broke my heart to the million or should I say trillion pieces.'So thats must be the reason he asked me that question.I should had known.' I thought as I ran outside.Tears started to escape.

I was sitting at the fountain alone recalling all of those answers that was giving by me.I gave him the courage to confess to Hana.The bell then rang indicating that recess is over.I stood up and about to walk to my class when someone blocked the way.

"Hye ! There you are.I've been searching for you all over the school." he began.I faked a smile. "You were?." I replied."Yeah ! I have something to tell you" he said again."Really? Can you save it after school? Cause I've got to go.See you later." you said as you walked to your locker." Hye ! Wait for me ! Kim Lisa !" he shouted but I kept my ears closed and ran into the bathroom.

-To be continued-